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        Hello! Welcome to visit Ausun Pharmaceutical

        Zhejiang Ausun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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        Zhejiang Ausun pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd is located in Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, 2013, the company was named high-tech enterprises. 2014 year, the company's chemical pharmaceutical research and development center was named the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center". The company's main business is the development, production and sales of specialty raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, as well as to provide customers with custom processing and research and development business. It has many characteristics, such as multi chiral structure, high difficulty of research and development, high technical barriers and unique production process.         

        We can provide customers with a variety of special products, R & D capability is strong, can provide from the gram to kilogram as well as tons of products; can engage in -100 degrees C to 400 degrees C reaction. The actual strength of research and development is the core competitiveness of the company, company each year are of R & D investment to maintain a high input, in addition, the company has academician workstation, post doctoral innovation practice base is of excellent research and development platform, and many colleges and universities, research maintained good R & D cooperation relationship.          

        The research and development results in accordance with the requirements of the time required for rapid conversion to industrial production is our specialty.

        At present, we mainly provide liver disease, respiratory system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, high-end fluoride products, products and customer service, such as custom processing. 

        Our goal is to realize the integration of the "pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical preparations upgrade, realize" health services, create brand ", not only to provide customers the best pharmaceutical and chemical products, but also for our customers to create value.          

        Honesty, mutual benefit is our basic strategic principles.