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          Jiangsu Province Gantry Robot Engineering Research Center | Contact us | Chinese | EnglishHello, Welcome to visit STON ROBOT CHANGZHOU CO., LTD. official website!
          STON ROBOTSmart factory solution
          Service Hotline:0519-83611100

          We provide economical and convenient all-round services for customer through customized machine tools and equipment rental services.

          contact us

          Why choose us?


          Six core strengths to help you build advanced smart factory

          Named gantry robot and set up national industry standards

          Own core technology of gantry robots

          Integrate global resources to create an intelligent factory with Chinese characteristics

          Domestic leading and international advanced status based on large amount of data

          Have an experienced team, and enhance the team cohesion through the equity incentive

          International Standardization Management New Third Board listed companies

          • All project cases
          • Smart factory
          • Logistics
          3600 M/s
          Max speed
          10+ Km
          Truss cumulative length
          Various patents
          Accumulated production line
          4000 kg
          Product Max load
          Congratulations on STON ROBOT Changzhou Co., ltd.!

          Congratulations on STON ROBOT Changzhou Co.…

          Congratulations on the high speed truss robot project of Ston robotics Co., Ltd. Changzhou Co., Ltd., which is included i…
          STON ROBOT and German Liebherr joined together for the first time in AMTS2017

          STON ROBOT and German Liebherr joined toget…

          In September 8, 2017, the four day AMTS2017 Shanghai international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment and …
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