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      Jiangsu Province Gantry Robot Engineering Research Center | Contact us | Chinese | EnglishHello, Welcome to visit STON ROBOT CHANGZHOU CO., LTD. official website!
      STON ROBOTSmart factory solution
      Service Hotline:0519-83611100

      About us

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      STON ROBOT is the early batch of research, development and production of gantry robots manufacturing companies. The technical team has been design and production of gantry robots for 13 years, and is the earlier company which large-scale use of roller rails gantry robots. STON has built the provincial-level industrial gantry robots engineering research center. The largest product loads up to 4000kg. STON has 25 invention patents of gantry robot, and leads the drafting of Chinese gantry robot industry standards, mastering core technology and key components of gantry robots.

      To integrate global manufacturing resources, STON has built a strategic relationship with Germany Liebherr, Germany AAT, and Locanis. They support each other, sharing products and services. STON takes the advantage of partners’ rich experience in the planning and design of production lines, heading to the modern machinery manufacturing, 3C Industries, FMCG back-end logistics industry so as to build intelligent factories with Chinese characteristics.

      Development path


      Customer trust is our motivation, we, because of you!


      Customer trust is our motivation, we, because of you!