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      Ston Liebherr Robot Research Institute in the Wujin high tech Zone inaugurated

      Author:  Source:  Date: 2017-09-15 11:28:37 Hit: 122

      In June 9th, Liebherr Robotics Institute Jinshi in Wujin national hi tech Zone officially inaugurated. Changzhou City, district leaders Shi Zhijun, Shi Xu Yong, Wujin hi tech Zone Leader Zhu Zhengqing participate in activities.

      As the first domestic development and production of truss robot company, STON ROBOT is the only one the use of large quantities of roller guide (European standard) truss robotic company, maximum load of 400 kg, with more than 20 truss robot patent, mastered the core technology and key components of truss robot. At the same time, the company has the experience and ability to build large, heavy production lines, unique in the Chinese automation market, has become China's "truss robot" singles champion". The Liebherr group was founded in 1949, now has 130 subsidiaries, is a world-renowned engineering machinery leading enterprise in the field of engineering machinery, industrial robots and other long-term at the highest level in the world, with Qingdao Haier cooperation in Chinese known to every family.  

      In the "German industry 4" and "2025 Chinese manufacturing" wave, the two sides to build a Ston Liebherr Research Institute, aimed at Chinese manufacturing characteristics, research on truss robot automatic production line, digital workshop and unmanned factory the common technical problems.

      Vice mayor of Changzhou, Wujin party secretary Shi Zhijun hope and Liebherr group to STON ROBOT research institute was established as an opportunity to take advantage of both sides to better combine to form their own new advantages, make new and greater contributions to the development of Changzhou robot industry.