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      STON ROBOT joint 6 enterprises to build intelligent no artificial factory

      Author:  Source:  Date: 2017-09-15 11:32:57 Hit: 150

      Since the founding of the world's first experimental unmanned factory in Tsukuba, Japan, in 1984, mankind has been looking forward to the real arrival of the "unmanned factory" era. Now, China manufacturing industry is at an important stage of transformation and upgrading, with the traditional demographic dividend gradually disappear, the labor price rising, people give new opportunities for intelligent manufacturing and automation industry development and expectation.


      Ston robot, as a practitioner of machine substitution, has made remarkable achievements in the field of intelligent automation. In the CIMT2017 during the exhibition, Ston machine, combined with the domestic robot Bo Nereids Germany LIEHHERR, AAT, LOCANIS, SOFLEX, Italy ROTOMOS six companies jointly organized the international unmanned factory solution combined with the signing ceremony, they push the artificial plant internationalization solutions and help customers to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises with practical action to prove.


      Unmanned factory internationalization solution joint signing ceremony scene


      Unmanned factory internationalization solution joint signing ceremony scene

      The morning of April 18, 2017, the domestic robot joint Ston machine, Bo Nereids Germany LIEHHERR, AAT, LOCANIS, SOFLEX, ROTOMOS in Italy jointly organized the international unmanned factory solutions combined with the signing ceremony. The general manager of Changzhou Ston robot Limited by Share Ltd general manager Mr. Liu Jinshi, Binzhou Bohai Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. Mr. Zhao Guohua, the German company Liebherr global business development director Mr. Martin.Winterstein, Germany AAT CEO Mr. Roman Kaiser automation Applied Technology Inc, Mr. Mr. Tuner, sales director CEO Bengt Germany Locanis Germany SOFLEX company manager Mr. Sun Qiang and the Italy Rotomors company Elio Baretta at the signing ceremony, representatives of enterprises from automated manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, lean manufacturing and other aspects and prospects for the depth of the exchange.

      "Welcome the tide and move with them, and actively integrate the manufacturing resources of the world, with related outstanding enterprises, joint construction with intelligent Chinese conditions without artificial Ston factory" is the starting point for the strategic cooperation of the robot. At the signing ceremony, Ston robot general manager Mr. Liu Jinshi said, our country is in the key period of manufacturing industry upgrading and transformation of the national economy, the domestic mode of production lags behind the urgent need to thoroughly change, if full use of automation equipment with foreign companies, not only in terms of price and delivery time is difficult to accept, but also because of the different manufacturing environment and cause a lot of problems in this case The climate does not suit one., and requires local domestic automation equipment suppliers have the ability to build unmanned factory to join.


      Mr. Liu Jinshi, general manager of Ston robot

      Liu Jinshi said: "the Ston of the robot is in the domestic leading position in the construction of intelligent factory machinery manufacturing industry, and accumulated many successful cases and performance, mastered the core technology of key components of truss robot, along with the construction of large and heavy production experience and ability, can provide for the users of the set of unmanned factory the solution, in China market become an independent school of automation, to fill the gaps at home and abroad."


      Since its cooperation with Bohai piston in 2011, Ston robot has been equipped with many automatic flexible production lines for piston, which has been well verified in the user's field and won the praise of customers. As the Bohai pistons Bo Nereids wholly-owned subsidiaries, 50 years has always focused on auto parts manufacturing special equipment R & D and automation engineering. The signing ceremony, Bo machine Nereids general manager Mr. Zhao Guohua attended, said in a speech: "we signed both automated practitioner, and automated agents, Beiqi group and the Bohai pistons in recent years to increase investment, through automation to improve product quality and plant efficiency. Bo and Ston, Nereids machine will be Liebherr and other partners, sincere cooperation and achieve common development."


      Liebherr global business development director Mr. Martin.Winterstein and German Locanis CEO Mr. Bengt Tuner also have confidence in the cooperation. The automation of Liebherr as the industry well-known turnkey company, its self-developed LMS 4 software system so that more and more top companies benefited greatly, Mr. Martin.Winterstein said that the cooperation with Liebherr will move in the Ston robot automation more quality and services to boost the healthy Ston company case. Mr. Bengt Tuner said, LOCANIS as one of the three dimensional real-time logistics control software industry leader, after the signing, will be jointly developed with Ston robot logistics market in china.


      Mr. Martin.Winterstein, director of Liebherr global business development


      Locanis CEO Mr. Bengt Tuner, Germany

      As a company committed to the development of application software, robot programming, hardware engineering and manufacturing Intelligent Automation Corporation, both parts of the assembled unit or complete automation integration, Germany AAT can provide control technology and project complete installation service. The signing, the German Intelligent Automation Corporation AAT and Ston company will reach the depth of cooperation agreement, and will carry out equity cooperation, joint development of manufacturing and logistics to build high-end market, AAT and Ston's AGV platform and WMES software platform.

      AAT CEO Mr. Roman Kaiser, Germany

      The flexible manufacturing control system is the "brain" of the manufacturing system, committed to efficient productivity. The German SOFLEX, as the leader of the flexible manufacturing control system, plays an important role in the signing ceremony. The German SOFLEX manager Mr. Sun Qiang said: "with the German industrial 4 and 2025 of the rise of Asia Chinese manufacturing, especially intelligent manufacturing and flexible manufacturing Chinese market will become popular, as the leading supplier of flexible manufacturing control systems, SOFLEX with over 30 years of mature experience and advanced technology advantages, excellent Ston robot automation suppliers very pleased with the local cooperation, to jointly develop the potential market Chinese."

      Mr. Sun Qiang, manager of SOFLEX, Germany

      Over the years, the Ston robot has complied with the global wave of industrial revolution, created many "first", and laid a solid foundation for further construction of unmanned factories. The Ston trough machine, robot and Bo Germany LIEHHERR, Germany AAT, Germany LOCANIS, Germany SOFLEX, Italy ROTOMOS company, is very important for speeding up the rise of automation with the Chinese. Seven companies together, mutual strategic partners, supporting each other in the product, sharing of products and services, give full play to their respective advantages, in-depth cooperation in the implementation of specific projects, to jointly build automation production line and China intelligent unmanned factory.