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      Governor Shi Taifeng came to Changzhou to study, what did he see in Wujin?

      Author:  Source:  Date: 2017-09-15 13:41:10 Hit: 93

      February 24th, 25, governor Shi Taifeng came to Changzhou, research and promote cohesion innovation and ecological civilization construction work. He hoped that Changzhou in the next step of development, should pay more attention to play the leading role of innovation, while actively exploring the ecological priority, green development new way, truly higher level of development, the masses get stronger sense. Where did the Ston governor come to Changzhou? Let's take a look at it!

      Wujin: Ston research governor of Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Technology Co.,

      Hydraulic components and systems R & D and production of Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Technology Co. Ltd., has successfully solved the bottleneck of the development of the domestic high-end hydraulic parts supporting industry, the overall technology products in the leading domestic and international advanced level, can replace imported batch supporting strong base requirements. In January 23rd this year, the second batch of Hengli hydraulic electromechanical wave compensator assembly loading test, sent to the other end of the earth: Brazil, will be used for offshore operations. Shi Taifeng looked at the latest R & D results of the company, and communicated with foreign experts in the company.

      Ston governor research Wujin: Ston robot Changzhou Limited by Share Ltd

      Intelligent CNC and robot industry is one of the ten major industrial chains in our district. In the "machine replacement" in the context of the robot industry has also been an unprecedented development. Ston robot is located in Wujin high tech Zone Changzhou Limited by Share Ltd to fill the domestic blank to participate in the formulation of truss robot and related industry standards, has successively won the FAW Volkswagen, TOYOTA Japan, Germany Gleason and many other domestic and foreign customers, at present, the domestic Ston robot has become the largest manufacturing plant truss robot. Liu Jinshi, the head of the enterprise, is a talented person introduced from Changzhou. Ston governor and Liu Jinshi cordial dialogue, for Changzhou's intelligent manufacturing reputation at the outside point praise.



      Ston governor research Wujin: West Taihu return lake water environment restoration project site

      As an important reservoir of Honghu River in the Taihu River Basin, West Taihu is also the source of water supply and ecological adjustment of water in the western part of the Taihu River basin. In my area of Western Taihu, returning farmland to lake water environment restoration project site, Shi Taifeng detailed understanding of the progress of the project. After three years of implementation, the project implemented a high speed along the river, with the North Lake area dredging 10 square kilometers, returning farmland to Lake 3.9 square kilometers, and the construction of Wetland Park, on-site water quality has been upgraded to three types of water standards.


      The governor of Wujin: Ston research national "eco village" - Ya River town of cattle

      Wujin Niutang Zhen Ya River village is a national eco village, Shi Taifeng visited the West Garden residential areas, feel the change of new rural construction to bring Ya River village. Qiang Guoping is a little known local mahogany furniture artist, Shi Taifeng encouraged the power to flat ingenuity spirit, a lot of building products, also hope ya river village to village farmers income and environmental remediation efforts, and strive to create a beautiful environment, livable and distinctive characteristics of the village village appearance.

      Ston governor came to Changzhou research, to our Wujin to see the place can be really a lot, with the Ston governor's care and encouragement, our development momentum in Wujin will be even higher!