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      Golden STON ROBOT in hand Liebherr strategic cooperation to build a new height of intelligent manufacturing

      Author:  Source:  Date: 2017-09-15 13:47:59 Hit: 179

      Chinese Jiangsu network August 23rd Changzhou news (reporter Zhao Jiawei) is a pioneer of domestic industry truss robot, is a manufacturer of Europe's top truss robot, called manufacturing 2025 national strategy on the morning of August 23rd, China, Ston Changzhou Limited by Share Ltd and Liebherr robot formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two powerful alliances, build intelligent manufacturing a new height, to open up a new world of intelligent manufacturing ".

      integration of resources to promote automated production lines, intelligent unmanned factories research and development

      In the "German industry 4" and "2025 China manufacturing" tide, intelligent manufacturing will bring huge investment opportunities, industry chain includes high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, sensor combined, digital factory, personalized manufacturing of new formats, including intelligent robots and automation equipment is more and more, including Chinese the global enterprise accepted and respected, and enterprise combination become the promotion of global manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, to achieve an important choice for intelligent manufacturing. The Ston, robot hand Liebherr, based on the premise of integration advantages of resources, focus on the automatic production line and intelligent unmanned factory to expand the depth of cooperation in product development, production, technology, service, system integration and so on, sharing quality resources, work together to deepen China's market. Can provide automatic and intelligent world-class solutions for users to automated production lines in China and intelligent unmanned factory to make more contribution, also can provide the highest quality and available for user localization service.

      It is reported that Ston is the first robotic company R & D and production of truss robot company, with core technology, robot roller guide, truss beam splicing and other aspects of the product, including light and heavy truss robot, AGV handling system, logistics system, fixture system, starting system and intelligent factory software, widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, rail transportation, wind power, aerospace industry, logistics, rubber, general parts, food and beverage and household appliances and other industries, especially in large and heavy truss robot field, it is to fill the gaps at home and abroad, in a leading position of the industry.

      The German Liebherr company has integrated manufacturing automation hardware and software development as one of the nearly 50 years of history, is a top European manufacturer of truss robots, automation, intelligent manufacturing model based on front-end for the vision of the 4 and the industrial technology innovation, industry solutions and other aspects have been walking in European manufacturing. The first set of Chinese truss robot is introduced, from Liebherr Corp. today, Liebherr automation is for the automotive, aerospace, rail transportation, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, general machine, new energy industry, offer all kinds of general and non-standard professional integration solutions. Liebherr group currently has more than 130 companies in the world, with more than 41000 employees, and the group turnover of 9 billion 900 million euros in 2015.

      manufacturing "big country" to "power" two teamed up to boost intelligent manufacturing

      At the signing ceremony, Ston robot general manager Liu Jinshi said, "the strategic cooperation Ston robot and to speed up the China Liebherr, automation development, has important and far-reaching influence, together, are strategic partners, not only supporting each other in products, sharing of products and services, to jointly build automation production line Chinese and intelligent unmanned factory, and values of the fusion and development of the intention of complementary, give full play to their advantages, in-depth cooperation in the implementation of specific projects, help to jointly create a new starting point for China no chemical plant, to build the integrated automation system Chinese carrier."

      "Strategic cooperation with the Ston robot, can be described as the global manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing continued to expand in another powerful combination, together to create the blessing of intelligent manufacturing.". Intelligent products, production of intelligent, intelligent equipment, intelligent management and intelligent service is our business transformation and upgrading of the basic requirements, the Ston robot with 12 years of experience in production of domestic truss with the continuous expansion of the scale, occupy the leading position of the domestic heavy-duty truss joint, after Liebherr and robots will use rich Ston both the experience and advanced ideas, through the use of automated production to reduce costs, improve efficiency, improve product quality, and further with the information fusion. At the same time, it will speed up the development of both sides faster, complementary advantages, and more timely and convenient for many enterprises to provide mature automation, digital, intelligent overall integration program. Better service to the user, create effectiveness in the user, help users improve the effective use of existing equipment, reduce production costs, shorten delivery time, enhance competitiveness. According to this, we can provide the best products, efficient and high-performance integrated solutions and high quality services for the majority of customers in China and even the world." Han Hai, the general manager of Liebherr, said in his signing speech.