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      STON ROBOT and German Liebherr joined together for the first time in AMTS2017

      Author:  Source:  Date: 2017-09-18 13:23:16 Hit: 333

      In September 8, 2017, the four day AMTS2017 Shanghai international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment and materials exhibition ended, Ston Changzhou Limited by Share Ltd and the German Liebherr robot cooperation for the first time exhibitors, brought together two results for customers, attracted many customers to come to consult.


      Booth panorama


      MartinWinterstein, director of global business development, Liebherr automation, Germany, interviewed


      Ston robot sales director Wang Xiaolong is receiving CCTV interview

      Different from the previous exhibitions, the exhibition attracted many foreign customers, not only to consult the relevant information of products, but also directly expand to the project communication.


      Wang Xiaolong, director of ston robot sales, is introducing a truss robot for foreign clients

      The Ston robot attracts the interest and attention of teachers and students. Mr. Liu Jinshi, general manager of Changzhou Limited by Share Ltd, the of Ston robot, will introduce and introduce the technology and products to the graduate students and teachers of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It is invited by the State Intellectual science and Technology Co., Ltd. of Shanghai Jiaotong university.


      Ston robot named China truss of Changzhou Limited by Share Ltd robot industry, developed a truss robot national standard, with "text-indent: 2em style= <span truss;" > robot core technology. Its largest product moving speed of 6 meters per second, the largest product load of 4000kg, the main business of unmanned factory based. Ston robot is not confined to the domestic market, but to open up and develop continuously, with the German Liebherr company are strategic partners, the establishment of the robot research institute, to provide solutions for customers around the world no chemical plant.