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      Jiangsu Province Gantry Robot Engineering Research Center | Contact us | Chinese | EnglishHello, Welcome to visit STON ROBOT CHANGZHOU CO., LTD. official website!
      STON ROBOTSmart factory solution
      Service Hotline:0519-83611100


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      Project in Germany and Breuna

      Start of new project and installation of system

      System upgrading: increasing more trolleys and new transportation lines



      AUDI A6 series: automation solution for material conveys  and storageInstallation of devices

      Commissioning Training Production support and train

      Logistic system refers to two or more logistics functional units are consisted of to complete the logistics services for the purpose of organic aggregates. The "input" of the logistics system refers to the labor, equipment, materials, resources and other elements required for the logistics chain such as purchasing, transportation, storage, distribution and processing, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, sales and logistics information processing and is provided to the system by the external environment. The so-called logistics system refers to a certain time and space, by the required transportation of materials and including the relevant equipment, transportation tools, storage equipment, personnel and communication linkages and several other elements of the dynamic constraints. The success factor of the logistics system is to optimize and rationalize the logistics system as a whole and obey or improve the environment of the social system.

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