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      The central and Western Regions: robot policy advantage caused the industrial agglomeration effect previews

      Author:  Source:  Date: 2017-09-27 16:22:44 Hit: 39

      Although the development of robot industry in Central China is relatively backward, but with the strategic layout and policy support, it has formed a certain agglomeration effect. Through introducing the robot to actively cultivate leading enterprises, local enterprises, the central region is gradually create a complete chain, advanced technology, highlight the advantages of the robot industry chain, guide reasonable production and demand docking, speed up industrial robots, industrial integration and application of the pace of innovation, in the domestic robot industry development in the growing influence.

      (1) industry scale benefit

      The number of the central region of robot related enterprises 453, the total output value of 60 billion yuan, the average sales margin was 11%, was lower than the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region, the main features of the industry development is the basis for existing industry, through a series of supportive policies, in order to build a robot industrial park as the carrier, the introduction of the development of robot backbone enterprises. Through the construction of Luoyang robot intelligent equipment industry park, Wuhan robot industry park and other key parks, the central region has collected a number of key enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the robot industry chain, and the industrial agglomeration situation has taken shape.

      (two) the level of industrial structure

      The central region of the robot R & D and production enterprises and high-end products accounted for the proportion of income are in the middle level of development, there is still a certain gap between the average localization rate of the core components of Long River Delta, the Pearl River Delta region. Due to the weak foundation of the development of the robot industry in the central region and the introduction of foreign products, the industrial structure will be improved gradually through the scientific design of the various links of the industrial chain, and the future development still has great potential. With the continuous promotion of scientific research achievements, the central region will introduce the advanced technology team at home and abroad with open innovation, and the local technology innovation and product innovation also have better scalability.

      (three) industrial innovation capability

      The proportion of R & D investment and the overall R & D investment in the middle part of the country is in the middle reaches of the country, and there is still a gap between the number of high-tech enterprises and the developed areas of the robot industry. The central region is the emergence of a number of innovative robot enterprises, continuous breakthroughs in core technologies, to break the foreign monopoly, in the welding robot, CNC equipment, reducer, control system and environmental testing equipment and other fields have a certain development strength and brand influence.

      (four) Industrial Agglomeration

      The robot industry in the central region of CR5 concentration index is 30%, average core parts localization rate is low, while strengthening the independent research and development core components production capacity of backbone enterprises in Huazhong CNC as the representative, but most enterprises are still in processing and assembly, lack of core and key technologies, the key core components still rely mainly on imports, localization of production capacity is limited. The number of robot brand enterprises in the central region is in the middle and lower reaches of the country, except for a few robot backbone enterprises, most of the robots lack brand awareness.

      The scientific research foundation in Central China is weak, and the upstream and downstream links of the industry chain are limited.

      (five) industrial development environment

      Talent environment in middle area is in the leading position in the country, gathered a robot research center of University of Science & Technology China, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan University of Technology, National Engineering Research Center, CNC system of digital manufacturing equipment and Technology State Key Laboratory of 9 key universities and research institutions. The central region actively introduces the domestic advanced technology innovation team, and forms deep cooperation with the university scientific research institutes. However, the average financial value added in the central region is only higher than that in the western region, and the overall financial environment is lagging behind.

      The western region: all kinds of resources to promote the development of industry is still relatively scarce in western area as the development of China's robot industry after hair, through the gathering robot manufacturing, system integration and intelligent transformation of industry resources, organization and implementation of major projects and a number of collaborative innovation robot industry cluster, key technology and robot support backbone enterprises, build R & D, manufacturing, system integration, supporting parts and application services in one of the robotics and intelligent equipment industry chain.

      (four) Industrial Agglomeration

      The robot western industrial agglomeration degree CR5 index is 28%, lower levels in the country, the lack of large-scale backbone enterprises, leading enterprises driving effect has not yet formed, the core competitiveness of the industry, the robot industry is more dispersed, most enterprises are still in processing and assembly, the gap between the number of enterprises, brand Long River Delta Pearl River Delta and other developed areas of large industrial development a long way to go.

      (five) industrial development environment

      Although the total number of research institutions in western areas is less, but still gathered at Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, University of Electronic Science and technology, Lanzhou University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Chongqing Institute of green intelligent robot field of 7 domestic universities and research institutions, creating rich achievements in research and education and training robot. The proportion of the average financial value added in the western region is lower than that in the central region, and the financial ecological system has not yet formed to promote the rapid development of the industry.

      (source: new strategic robot network)