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      The rapid development of the robot industry in the Pearl River Delta has reached 75 billion yuan

      Author:  Source:  Date: 2017-09-27 16:27:21 Hit: 73

      Recently, China Electronic Institute of the latest research results of "2017 China robot industry development report" the report pointed out that the number of robots in the Pearl River Delta region relevant for the 747 companies, the total output value of 75 billion yuan, the average sales profit rate is 17%, in the national leading level.

      The report points out that the enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region are actively docking with the leading international robot enterprises with technical advantages, and have completed the introduction and cooperation of several enterprises. The world's leading enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region, a strong impetus to the robot industry scale, at present, the Pearl River Delta industrial robot technology innovation in CNC equipment, logistics, unmanned automatic controller, the UAV has a certain advantage, the average core parts localization rate at the leading level, the field of CNC machine tools is relatively good basis, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain, especially in the technology of robot control system and servo system in the leading position.

      Machine substitution is an important measure to promote the traditional manufacturing industry to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading. It is to promote the traditional industries with modern and automated equipment, to promote the technology bonus instead of the demographic dividend, and to become the source of the new industry optimization and upgrading and economic sustainable growth. It is of great significance for technological progress, improving labor quality, improving enterprise production efficiency, promoting industrial structure adjustment, promoting industrial transformation and development mode.

      With the rise of labor prices, the demographic dividend of China's manufacturing industry is disappearing. The international economic situation is complex and changeable, the world economy is deeply adjusted, the developed countries are promoting "re industrialization" and "manufacturing industry return", and the global manufacturing high-end competition is becoming increasingly evident. To promote the traditional industries with modern and automated equipment, and to promote the technology bonus instead of the demographic dividend has become the inevitable choice for the optimization and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and the sustained economic growth.

      At the end of 2012, "machine substitution" gradually emerged in the traditional manufacturing enterprises in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, and many enterprises introduced modern and automated equipment to upgrade and upgrade the technology. In 2014, with the "Dongguan No.1" document and the introduction of supportive policies, machine substitutions in the center of the Pearl River Delta manufacturing development of Dongguan with vigour and vitality in the country, and set off a wave of machine substitutions.

      (source: Chinese Electronic Society)