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      2025 made in China to promote, machine substitutions become the trend of the times

      Author:  Source:  Date: 2017-09-27 16:29:34 Hit: 73

      With the "made in China 2025" to promote, "machine substitutions" become the trend of the times, which also makes Chinese robots for four consecutive years, the world's first batch of sales. Robots have been given priority to all over the world.

      China will continue to be the world's largest and fastest growing robot technology market, and robotics spending will account for more than 30% of global spending, according to a report released by the US international data corporation. It is expected that China will spend $59 billion 400 million on robot technology in 2020, more than double the estimated spending of $24 billion 600 million in 2016.

      In contrast with the "hot degree", in China's huge robot consumption market, the local brand robot only accounts for 4%, the domestic machine key components rely on imports.

      At present, more than 40 robot industrial parks have been built and are being built in the country, and the number of robot enterprises is more than 800. But the fact is that the more than 800 companies, nearly half of the enterprise is not empty brand products, half of the rest of the enterprise is nearly 70%-80% agent in the products of others, can really own production parts or robot products only about 100.  Although the number of considerable, but in the industry influential enterprises almost no industry development scattered. The whole industry chain shows the characteristics of "huge downstream, medium dispersion, lack of upstream".

      In addition, the domestic coastal city have praised the "machine substitution", although the robot temporarily enhanced the traditional manufacturing industry, but also the birth of a large number of new traditional robot enterprises, after 35 years will once again face the pressure of upgrading the transformation of new industries.

      "Machine substitution" plan does not effectively combine the market demand of the robot with the industrial cultivation, which greatly increases the development of Chinese robot industry.

      Therefore, in fact, after the whole Chinese robot industry is flourishing, most of the domestic robot enterprises still struggle in the low-end. The Chinese industrial robot market by the international giants occupy, the important reason is speed reducer, servo motor, controller and other core components of "heteronomy", most rely on imports, so that the cost of foreign brands of domestic brands robot is not much advantage compared to the robot.

      In view of the current market, the domestic robot products are mainly Cartesian robot mainly in the low-end industry, innovation and production application level and international advanced enterprises gap is too big. The contrast also reminds us that the gap between the core technology and key components and the developed countries remains great. The development of industrial robots must break through the key problem of robot core components technology.

      In the industry layout, the robot, known as "the Pearl of the top of the manufacturing crown", will naturally be another favored object. At present, many international robot enterprises are ready to cooperate with Chinese enterprises to set up production in China, so as to advance the layout of the upcoming robot demand growth. If domestic enterprises do not breakthrough in the core technology, it is likely that "China's support policies, the fire of foreign enterprises."". Even more worrying is that the weak, small, scattered clusters of enterprises, will not let the emerging industry in the rapid fall in the robot stride forward singing militant songs low excess capacity curse?

      If only by homogenization of low-end expansion, and not pursuing high-end breakthroughs, the future of the domestic robot industry and application may be difficult. In this regard, the Ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry department director Li Dong reminded that the development of the robot industry, not to chase the "tuyere", but to attack "pass", select the bottleneck of the industry to break through. Although the robot industry is hot, you must keep a cool head when you are developing.

      (source: high tech robot network)