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      Hangzhou cognitive pioneered the new model of domestic artificial intelligence medical field application

      Author:  Source:  Date: 2017-09-27 16:33:56 Hit: 144

      Hangzhou cognitive Watson together, the first application mode of a number of domestic artificial intelligence in tumor diagnosis and treatment in the field of Chinese, Watson entered the expiry of one year, as Watson in the first Chinese core strategic partner, Hangzhou cognitive within one year to complete a number of the country's first success, and Mori Chino Hangzhou cognitive application cloud platform quickly landing on the country, artificial intelligence aided diagnosis and treatment a trend which cannot be halted in the future.

      Hangzhou cognitive depth development based on IBM Watson, Watson to create intelligent application cloud platform, the gradual integration of Watson entire product line, and customized according to the adjustment of domestic hospitals of different medical needs, to meet the domestic hospital clinical application, this platform debut in May 18th Chinese health information technology exchange conference, which has been concerned with the guidance of the National Guard Planning Commission director Kim Leadership Conference in peach, become one of the most watched artificial intelligent medical products. As the leading enterprise of domestic artificial intelligence diagnosis and treatment, Hangzhou cognition has created a number of national cooperation projects within one year, and has become the basis for the development of human intelligent medical applications in china.

      (source: Chinese robot network)